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Clare Clark is the award-winning author of six

critically acclaimed historical novels: 

The Great Stink, The Nature of Monsters, Savage LandsBeautiful Lies, We That Are Left, and In the Full Light of the Sun


With her new novel, she breaks new ground. Inspired by the shocking reports of undercover police officers infiltrating the environmental movement and having relationships with activists, Trespass is gripping, poignant and fiercely current.


Trespass is published by Virago on 18 August 2022.



As a teenager, Tess falls into environmental activism - and the arms of an older, charismatic protester. She has never been happier. When he suddenly disappears, leaving her pregnant and alone, she is shattered. Slowly, though, she rebuilds a life for herself and her daughter Mia. "We're all we need," she sings to Mia as they dance around the kitchen. "Me and you, us two."

But, as Mia nears her thirteenth birthday, the death of a relative sparks questions - about activism, about her family, about her father - that Tess cannot answer. And when a hidden letter is found, Tess suddenly has urgent questions of her own. As mother and daughter pull apart, caught up in their own private quests for answers, the certainties of memory and history begin to unravel and a single shocking question emerges: if your past is all a lie, then who are you?

Complex, profound and devastatingly timely, this brilliant psychological suspense explores the twisted world of undercover operations, the most secretive part of the secret state where nothing is sacred and no one cares to count the cost.

A magnificent, nuanced and intricate novel, Trespass is as political as it is personal, both moving and psychologically fascinating.

A novel about love - and state-sanctioned impunity ... paranoid fantasy or reality? Brilliant, chilling.


I read Trespass in one go. So perceptive and clever. All the excitement of a thriller with the depth of a literary novel.


If you loved Sherwood, if you want a psychologically satisfying story that is also an original angle on environmental activism, Trespass is your next gripping read.

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